The team working on the Fowler Gage project is a small but growing group of volunteers.  They are currently documenting this historic aircraft and uncovering little secrets almost lost to time.  It is a fascinating project reliving some of the techniques used to build it  Over time the group will expand to include machinists, artisans, wood craftsman and other volunteers with an interest in preserving this significant moment in aeronautic history.

Team members:

Gerry Pierce, QED Services, Master Engineer problem solver and mentor.

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Ken Sly , Dimensional Graphics Technical and Theatrical Design

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In the pictures below, Nilo and Jan are making drawings and taking meticulas measurements.

Nilo Cabilan Mechanical Design Engineer.

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Jan Glassow, Industrial Designer and Model Maker

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Charles Bliss,
Taken at a NASA event at Hiller commemorating the history of flight.  To the right is a replica of the Wright Flyer.  It was a wonderful event.  Buzz presented a his perspective on aviation, past present and future.

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