These are some screen captures of models made from the Fowler-Gage

Fuselage with stays and some of the rudder hardware (Nilo).

Fuselage-001.jpg (66344 bytes)

And a week later:

Fuselage-002.jpg (46905 bytes)

One of two wheel trucks.  These mount onto the skids. (Ken)

whl landing asm-001.jpg (61411 bytes)

The Gas Tank. This mounts above the Wings. (Ken)

tnk gas tank-001.jpg (39843 bytes)

and with a few more parts added

tnk gas tank-002.jpg (48004 bytes)

Vertical Strut between wings (Ken)

str strut leading assm-001.jpg (36678 bytes)

Undercarrige (Ken)

uc under carriage-001.jpg (60937 bytes)

prop assem-001.jpg (38152 bytes)